Friday, May 25, 2012

A Holiday and a New Hobby!

Just under two weeks ago, we got back from an 11 night cruise to the South Pacific.  My beautiful cousin Leanne and her fiance Keith were married during the cruise and I was also lucky enough to celebrate my birthday while on the cruise.
This was our third cruise and we have already booked another one for next year as we enjoy them so much.  There is always so many different things happening throughout the day when you are on the ship and one of the things they offer is quilling which I have wanted to learn for a while now.  I missed the first day of quilling as I was doing something else but the second day, I decided that I would make sure I went along to see what it was like. 
When I got to the bar that it was being held in there was no-one there except me but as I was sitting there, contemplating finding another bar that I could at least get a Margarita from (as my bar wasn't even open to buy a drink), in came two ladies and a man.  I looked hopefully at them thinking that maybe they were wanting to learn quilling as well but one of the ladies was getting her picture taken with a bronze "Bengal Tiger" so my hopes started to fade and my thoughts went back to a Margarita...but then, one of the ladies and the man left and the younger lady stayed so I got up the courage to ask "Are you here to learn quilling?" and she said "Yes", I was delighted that I was not the only person there and went and sat next to her.  This lovely lady was Courtney and she was just one of the wonderful ladies I met at quilling. 
That night, I showed Mum the card I had made and she decided to join me the next day and every day after that which was really great and I am hoping that she continues with quilling so we have a hobby in common.
I had a fantastic time learning this ancient papercraft and am really looking forward to using it in my scrapbooking and cardmaking.
Below are some of my creations I made whilst at sea.

Lots of love

Nic xxx