Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back to reality

Just over a week ago, Dean and I arrived home from a 13 day cruise to New Zealand (Mum and Jock also came along).  We had a fantastic time and going back to work on Tuesday was very hard!!  Normally when we go on a cruise, I am ready to get back home but this time I was quite sad for our holiday to end.  We got to meet Jock's Sister and also his Brother and Sister-In-Law so that was really great and we met heaps of really nice people on the cruise.  I have posted a few pics of us below.
The same night we got home, my next door neighbour came over with a HUGE parcel that had been dropped off by the postie.  When I opened it up, it was full of scrapbooking goodies that had been sent to me by a gorgeous lady named Sylvia who we met on our last cruise.  I was blown away by this amazing gesture of kindness and really appreciate the amazing friends I have.
Love Nic xx