Thursday, September 24, 2015

I have lost my scrapbooking mojo lately (probably due to my extremely messy scraproom) but I have picked up the crochet bug now.   I have made two mandala rugs, one for my niece Kenya and one for my nephew Adrian.  Kenya's was easy to pick the colours for as she loves anything pink or purple.  Hers was the first one I did and once I had completed this one relatively successfully, I thought that I should make one for Adrian as well (as you can't play favourites).  I asked Adrian what colours he wanted and he said blue, gold and red.  I sent through the colour chart to my sister so he could choose which blues, reds and golds he wanted to have so I could make sure I didn't pick the wrong colours.  Well, after I had done this, Adrian decided that he wanted a rug that had blue, gold, orange, green, brown, red etc. etc.  so in the end, my sister sent me back an email letting me know that I should choose the colours for him as clearly he had no idea about colour etiquette!!
I decided to go back to his original colours and make one in blue, red and yellow.  I am really happy how they both turned out.  
On the scrapbooking side of things, I have finally completed my "Merry Christmas" project that I started on ages ago so I am really happy with that too.
Here are the pics!! 
Love Nic xx

Adrian's rug...

Kenya's rug...

"Merry Christmas" project...

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