Monday, November 9, 2015

In my quest to become "Aunty of the Year", I decided to hand make an advent calendar each for my Niece and Nephew.  I haven't really sewn anything since home economics in high school but I thought "What the hell!, how hard can it be?".  I got a rush of crafting inspiration at 8pm one night and decided to grab out my sewing machine and start the advent calendar.  Now I am one of these people who love sewing but only if sewing consists of running two pieces of fabric through a sewing machine.  I hate the whole laying out of a pattern (not that I used one, I just winged it), making sure the fabric runs the right way, pinning the material, cutting the fabric etc. etc. It is just like when you paint a house, the actual painting is great to do but I can't stand all the prep work that has to be done first!! So I set out on making the calendar.... Well, by 11 o'clock that night after 3 hours of trying to cut little squares of fabric into the same size, I was seriously thought I was going to have make this a joint advent calendar for both the kids or maybe even a half finished advent calendar for both of them to share!!  I went to bed very exhausted and thinking that my dream of becoming a great seamstress was impossible and I didn't touch it again till the end of the week.  Thankfully, after some great encouragement from my Mum and a few of my lovely friends, I decided to soldier on with my creation so here is the first one finally finished!!!  The second one is already started and hopefully I will have it ready for Christmas this year.....
Love Nic x